protecting your site using biometrics and neural networks

The sCaptcha project creates a service for businesses that helps website owners solve problems with bots, increase conversions and account thefts using biometrics and neural networks
Ok, so what is sCaptcha? I can't scan qr code on my phone
We have a link =)
Youtube video with English subtitles
Thank's a lot!
You are welcome! Book a demo!

CAPTCHA's used on >5 millions websites,

>50 billions captcha requests are generated per month

but CAPTCHA's fast

recognized by bots

We develop CAPTCHA

in a new way: figure repetition

Main advantages

Increase in sales conversion -

less likely to leave the site and make impulse purchases more often

Customization for the client's brand increases loyalty and leaves positive emotions

Protecting the business owner from bots using a new biometric approach and deep neural networks

We are open source You can install sCapctha on your site for free with our drawings and shapes

We sales:
  • individual interface
  • unique drawings to repeat the scaptcha
  • detailed analytics
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